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PT Anak Emas International

Solutions for heavy equipment and spare parts problems

Our Value


A company engaged in the sale of heavy equipment spare parts meet the needs of heavy equipment repair and maintenance.

  • Vision

    Be the best and most complete spare parts trading company that is professionally managed.

  • Mission

    1. Always providing the best service for consumers and trying to be a leading spare part provider company.
    2. Provide complete spare parts, good quality and good aftersales service by implementing a transaction guarantee system.
    3. Continuously developing a variety of innovative products and services to serve and satisfy all of our stakeholders.
    4. Make every effort to become an integrated company with leading standards in Corporate Social Responsibility.

About US

Our team consists of experienced and trained sales force with in-depth knowledge of heavy equipment spare parts. They are ready to provide friendly and professional service, as well as assist customers in determining the spare part that best suits their needs. We also provide comprehensive technical support to assist customers in the installation and use of purchased spare parts. We prioritize customer satisfaction as our top priority. We are committed to providing our customers with an easy, safe and efficient shopping experience. With competitive prices and reliable service, we aim to become a trusted partner for all heavy equipment owners and operators in meeting their needs for spare parts. Overall, our company is a trusted and comprehensive solution provider in the sale of heavy equipment spare parts. We strive to meet customer needs by providing high quality spare parts, superior service, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Idea

We are the solution for heavy equipment and spare parts problems for you.

Our Company

Our company is a company engaged in the sale of heavy equipment spare parts. We have a strong commitment to providing the best solutions to meet our customers’ heavy equipment repair and maintenance needs. As a heavy equipment spare parts sales company, we have a wide and varied inventory, which includes various types of spare parts for heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, graders, dump trucks, and many more. We provide original spare parts from various leading brands as well as high-quality alternatives, so our customers have many choices that suit their needs and budget. We understand how important the availability of the right and quality spare parts is to maintain the smooth operation of heavy equipment. Therefore, we work closely with trusted suppliers and have an efficient supply chain management system to ensure reliability and speed in supplying spare parts to our customers.

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